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Guangdong kpu/cpu/rpu luggage bag surface embossing machine shipment

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Guangdong kpu/cpu/rpu luggage bag surface embossing machine shipment.

KPU shoes upper making machine Product Description:                                               
1.Factory price
2.New design
3.Easy to operate
4.High quality




Heating Plate Size

Air press






KPU Shoe Upper Making Machine mainly used for Caulking glue on the sports shoes upper and embossing on the surface of basketball shoe, bags, gloves, and other outdoor sporting goods. KPU materials' biggest feature is the strong adhesion, weather resistance, folding times of up to 280,000 times, and wear-resistance.

We can supply you whole set of KPU molding machine for sport shoes,include mold making machine,mixer,filling machine,baking oven,molding machine,cutting machine etc.

KPU Shoes Upper Machine Features:
1. Independent four-operation, which can put four different molds for production at the same time

2. The working stroke is 550mm * 600mm, can be realized the mould 1 out of 2 or 1 out of 3, even 1 out of 4, etc. according to the size

3. Automatic constant temperature control,turbine supercharging device, pressure stable, durable, energy conservation, environmental protection

4. High production efficiency, upper and lower double four location independent production, energy saving, labor-saving.

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