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High efficiency PVC keychain making machine

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High efficiency PVC keychain making machine are the update for traditional molding machine.


Automatic PVC keychain making machine is both for PVC single-sided and double-sided products production, such as: PVC zipper puller, PVC key chains, PVC USB covers,PVC mobile phone cases, PVC labels, PVC glasses frame and a variety of micro injection products etc. 


Automatic PVC keychain machine from the dispensing, injection, forming, cooling, the whole process is a fully automatic, high production efficiency, to save labor and power and space, high rate of qualified products, fast production speed, easy to operate, to reduce the loss of raw materials. It is the best choice for PVC industry.

Machine to make keychains details:

PVC keychain samples:

Automatic liquid PVC keychain injection machine is a new breakthrough of traditional process.


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