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PVC Automatic car mat Production Line

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 Automatic PVC car mat making machine advantage:

1.With 6 No.s of high precision manual dripping system ;

2.With 2 No.s of new type of power saving heating system;

3.With 2 No.s of new type of cooling system, no deep into water to make high quality products and labor saving.

4.With 2 No.s of high precision automatic base color filling system;

5.With 1 No. of automatic mold backing conveyor.

6.Fast speed which can make 300 sets of 5 units per set for PVC car mat at 8 hours.

7.New heating system saving 30% power consumption compared competitor traditional heating system.

8.Saving labors

9.Saving spaces and saving mold

10.High rate of qualified products

11.Easy operation

12.Fully automatic

13. Non-experienced workers can also run the production.

14. Suitable for more designs and lower quantity order Production


Automatic PVC car mat machine solution:

1. Mould

CNC Engraving Machine for mould making,

products size : 500*700mm,

weight: one pc : 1 KG,  Five piece suit: 3 -4KG

Support machine: Knife Grinding Machine, Manostat, Sandblasting Machine.

Mould Material: Aluminum,

Mold species: Four piece suit ( two or three types of molds)

            Five piece suit ( three or four types of molds)

Quantity of mould for one normal production line: from 20 sets to 30 sets.

2. Materials and relative machine

Stirring machine, vacuum tower, pumps, color-matching machine, stainless steel barrel.

3. Production solution:

A: Automatic production solution:

B: Full Automatic production solution

C: Manual production solution: mould baking plate, automatic oven, manual dispensing device, automatic dispensing machine.

4. Support machine

Cooling machine, Air compressor

5. Capacity

300 sets (five piece suit) day, automatic solution need 5 workers (one for material mixing, one for dispensing, one for QC and wiping mould, one for base material filling, one for lifting mould); Full automatic solution only require four people (one for material mixing, one for dispensing, one for QC and wiping mould, one for lifting the mould).

6. Power: 50KW, connect to 120KW of power supply,

7. Plant area: 200 square meters, 15 meters for whole production line; width: 650MM,


PVC Automatic car mat Production Line detailed pictures:


PVC Automatic car mat Production Line finished products:


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